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Which Money Personality are You?


You have a unique yet consistent Money behaviour. Buying that product on Sale, or ordering food from an App at a specific time, or splurging on that Goa Holiday. We call these:


These behaviours form a set of patterns which defines your Money Personality.

We at BajajCapital have for the last 58 Years created this Money Personality Questionnaire that helps you “Discover your unique Money Personality.” With our scientifically framed questionnaire, You can now decode the right investment strategy for your Wealth Generation and start Investing. This is what the 1% Wealthy Indians have been doing all along. DISCOVER NOW


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I like to play it safe & have stable returns


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I like to have small risk & balanced returns


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I like to chase risk for high returns

Our Unique Approach


Wealth is built slowly and steadily. A Wealth built over time is never lost in an instant.
We at BajajCapital are firm believers that Wealth building is a slow and steady process. One can become rich in an instant, may be you win a lottery, or hit a jackpot, but the world is filled with examples of people having it all and then losing it. True Wealth is built when there is a change in behaviour, when you invest regularly with an intent and that’s when Compounding Behaviour grows your wealth.
We have built this Simple yet powerful method for you to build your wealth so that you not only grow your wealth but never lose it in an instant.
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Discover Your Money Personality

We Design Your Investment Strategy Based on

Your Behaviour

  • Suggesting Schemes for You to Invest for your Wealth Generation
  • Creating pre-defined allocations within each schemes
  • The Choice is Yours: Invest in SIP, Lumpsum or Both
  • Achieve your GOALS through your Unique Strategy with us

Our Results & Clients Speaks for our

Unique Investment Strategy
  • Beating Industry average consistently
  • Lower Risk & Superior Risk adjusted returns
  • 9.5 years track record

For last 10+ years I have been a client of BajajCapital.

It started with investing in a company FD but then when they launched their Investment Strategy - I started following their inputs and am so glad that 1% alpha has made a tremendous difference to my overall Portfolio Wealth in last 9 years.

Sanchit Agarwal

Delhi NCR, 47

Our Achievements