Paperless Onboarding

'Online' means 'Paperless'
We don’t need any physically signed document to open your account
Just complete step by step online process and you are ready to use our online platform
You still get the conveniance of doing the transactions in online as well as paper mode in the same folio

Multiple Banks & Mutual Funds

Choice of Mutual Funds & Banks for payment
All leading Mutual Funds are available on our platform for transaction
Experience the conveniance of making online payment from any of the leading 40+ banks.

PAN based onboarding

Benefit from centralised KYC for Mutual Funds.
Provide your KYC compliant PAN details + bank details + nomintee details to complete acount opening.

Intellegent Folio Mapping

Already invested in Mutual Funds through Bajaj Capital Ltd?
We will map your offline folios automatically to Online Account after activation.
No additional paperwork required for converting your investments from paper to online.
You still get the conveniance of doing the transactions in online as well as paper mode in the same folio

Risk Profiling & Asset Allocation

Risk Profiling & Asset Allocation
Do a self assessment of your Risk Profile
Identify the most suited Asset Allocation
Gain from Bajaj Capital's Benchmark Model Portfolios

Other important features

We Belive in winning the Trust Giving the Solution Delivering the Results

  • Convenience

    • Paperless Transactions
    • 24 hrs availability
    • Instant Redemption (Reliance Simply Save)

  • Quick SIP Registration

    • Register a new sip within 1 minute
    • Save 10 minutes of from filling time per SIP
    • 1st payment of registered SIP can be between 6 days to 30 days
    • No 30 day's waiting time!

  • Single Family Login

    for multiple investors of same family

  • Multiple Payment Modes

    • Prepaid   • Postpaid

  • Existing Folio Mapping

    • Existing folios under Bajaj Capital's ARN (0010) to the investor automatically
    • -No additional paper work required !

  • RM Assisted

    • RM can initiate account on behalf of investor
    • RM can initiate transaction on behalf of investor
    • Activation only after investor's consent

  • Switch Across AMCs

    Not just within same AMC!

  • Portfolio Reports

    • Comprehensive Perfomance report
    • Trade Book
    • SIP Report
    • Capital Gains Report