See how Mutual Fund investments done right can give you the edge over other products.
Mutual funds Vs FD vs Savings Account Investments

In 10 years would have grown to

11-13%^ returns before taxes

6.5%^ returns before taxes

As you invest for tomorrow, see what your money can do for you because choices that you make today, have an effect your future.

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  • 100% Safe and trusted by over a million Indians
  • Powered by HDFC Bank Gateway
  • 24x7 availability - Paperless Transaction
  • Instant Redemption
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  • Digital KYC
Existing Folio Mapping
  • Existing folios transferred to the investor automatically
  • No additional paperwork required!
Quick SIP Registration
  • Register a new SIP within a minute
  • Digital Mandate registrations
  • 1st payment of registered SIP can be between 6 days to 30 days
  • No 30 days waiting time!
RM Assisted
  • RM can initiate account opening and transaction on behalf of the investor
  • Activation only after investor's consent
Single Family Login
  • For multiple investors of same Family
  • Manage transactions of your Family
Multiple Payment Modes
  • Debit Card, Netbanking
  • Offline methods (Cheque)
  • Transact using Mandate
Portfolio Reports
  • Comprehensive Performance Report
  • Trade Book
  • SIP Report
  • Capital Gains Report

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